Healthcare - Overall: At a political crossroads into US election

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Dr Derek Jellinek
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By Dr Derek Jellinek
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Senior Analyst
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29 October 2020, 10:36 AM
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  • Investor anxieties tend to run high in any election year, let alone one as contentious as the current battle for the White House by President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden amid broad economic damage from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
  • We do not expect sweeping reforms, regardless of who occupies the White House, with COVID-19 remaining front and centre, but expect the sector will take its lead from the composition of the new Congress, which should be watched closely.
  • In this note, we assess the impact across key healthcare segments, highlighting ASX and international listed companies as well as ETFs which allow exposure to these themes.
  • Irrespective of how the future of US healthcare unfolds, investors should focus on companies where innovation drives medical products and services across geographically diverse businesses, such as CSL, COH, RMD, and SHL.

Not expecting sweeping reforms

Looking at proposed US healthcare policies, the candidates differ on almost everything. However, as rhetoric on healthcare policy changes tend to exceed the reality of what can be accomplished, we do not expect broad, sweeping new term reforms, regardless of who occupies the White House. And as COVID-19 is likely to remain front and centre, the ‘can’ for any major regulatory change is effectively kicked down the road

Composition of Congress key to watch

However, one area where the candidates tend to agree is on lowering drug prices to make healthcare more affordable. Obviously, the potential for drug pricing reform could be a source of volatility and headline risk for pharmaceutical/biotechnology stocks. That said, healthcare policies are often seen as a trade-off between providing affordable healthcare to consumers on one hand, and supporting healthcare industries on the other. Thus, we believe the composition of the new Congress is key to watch, as a unified government may increase the chances of pushing through more aggressive policies, while a split Congress may result in a stalemate, which generally favours healthcare companies. 

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