Social Media Guidelines

Thanks for talking to us on social media.

Morgans' social media pages provide the opportunity for you to learn more and stay up to date on investment news and wealth management strategies.

It's great to get your feedback but we ask that you follow a few simple guidelines to ensure privacy and respect all round.

Your privacy

Please keep your specific, personal information private and remember this is a public forum. Do not post your client number, date of birth or anything that may identify you. If you'd like to discuss specifics about your client account, please contact your adviser.

Staff privacy

Similarly, for the privacy of our team, we ask that you do not mention the names or details of employees you may have had prior conversations with.


Please, keep it nice and be respectful of other users, as well as our employees.

Offensive comments (including swearing) will be removed promptly. As will any post that can be considered as discriminating against race, religion, gender, sexuality, political beliefs or social insensitive etc.


Anything suspected of being fraudulent, misleading, spam, or in violation of our guidelines will be deleted.

The blog

Our blog content and research notes are written by our experienced research analysts to provide you with up-to-date information and market outlooks. Information and recommendations are published as a guide only. It is recommended to discuss with a financial adviser before taking any personal action based on this general advice.

We reserve the right to remove anything, at any time, that may reasonably be considered disrespectful or inappropriate. Including but not limited to material, comments, linked posts or other shared content that is, in our opinion, could be constituted as defamatory or unlawful.

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