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Alex Warner

Alex Warner

Authorised representative number: 000279326

Senior Adviser - Morgans Wholesale Services

l look to build long term, high quality portfolios that stand the test of time.
Alex has been in the financial services industry since 1995. In 2003 Alex and Sam Paradice returned home to Scone to cofound Parawarn Pty Ltd which owns the Morgans Scone office of which they are the branch managers. His interest and expertise are exclusive to the areas of equities and derivatives.

Investment Style

Alex has a mix of investment styles, where his investment strategy is based around mid to long term outcomes focusing on growth and income.

Services and Specialties

Options and Warrants
Portfolio Administration
Fixed Interest and Cash Management
Wealth Management

Qualifications and Professional Affiliations



Master Member of Stockbrokers and Investment Advisers Association (MSIAA)


Managed Investments
Derivatives Level 2
Derivatives Level 1
Margin Lending
I am employed by Parawarn Pty Ltd which operates the business of Morgans Financial Limited - Scone. My employer remunerates me by way of salary and percentage of fees. As a shareholder of Parawarn Pty Ltd, I may be entitled to a share of profits.