Supporting Rural Australia

Big Dry Friday is a day to recognise the importance of rural and regional Australia, to connect city and country and to provide support where it's needed most. The concept is simple…. On a Friday, once a year, city people forgo (or match) what they might spend on a nice lunch or drinks and donate it to the cause.

The aim is to create long-term benefits by supporting charities focused on education, mental wellbeing, healthcare and those suffering financial hardship through natural disasters. Over the past six years we have raised more than $6.2 million with the help of supportive businesses and their staff and clients across Australia and distributed these funds to our major beneficiaries and a number of smaller regional charities.

Big Dry Friday 2024

In 2024, we maintain our focus on creating long-term benefits for rural and regional Australia – supporting education, mental health and wellbeing.

We will be raising funds for key beneficiaries Schools Plus, Rural Aid, Royal Flying Doctor Service and Outback Futures, along with other, smaller recipients.

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How it began

Morgans Financial Limited launched Big Dry Friday in 2018 to raise awareness about the severe drought affecting regional and rural Australians. The goal was to unite rural, regional, and urban communities and provide support where it was most needed. Participants, including businesses, staff, and clients, were encouraged to forgo a day of entertainment or match their expenses with donations to regional charities.

In the first year, $775,000 was raised, benefiting organisations like AHVise, Aussie Helpers, and Drought Angels. Financial advisers within the Morgans network played a pivotal role by donating their brokerage income, along with significant contributions from the Morgans Foundation.

Major beneficiaries

Rural Aid is Australia’s most trusted rural charity. It provides critical support to farmers affected by natural disaster through wellbeing and fodder assistance.

Schools Plus helps close the education gap caused by disadvantage. Working with teachers and schools to empower communities with funding, coaching and resources.

Outback Futures is committed to long-term, intergenerational change in mental health and wellbeing outcomes for our outback children, families and communities.

The RFDS is a national, charitable, health organisation delivering primary healthcare and 24-hour emergency services for those that live in rural and remote Australia.

$1.5 million raised in 2023

The success of Big Dry Friday continued in 2023 with multiple events in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth helping to raise a record $1.5 million on Big Dry Friday.

The phenomenal generosity of the Big Dry Friday community, including many companies, staff, clients and friends, was a clear sign of our collective desire to continue to support rural and regional Australia.

These funds go directly to charities focused on creating long-term benefits in the areas of regional and rural education, mental health support, remote healthcare and those suffering financial hardship through natural disasters.

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Get involved

Big Dry Friday is a day for rural, regional and urban Australians to reconnect, while raising funds to provide support where it's needed most. There are multiple ways to get involved.  You could run your own Big Dry Friday event or talk to us about tailored sponsorship options.​

If you would like to support Big Dry Friday and become a partner, we have tailored options to suit. These include national opportunities or state-based events attended by professional service firms and leading rural and regional businesses.