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At Morgans, we take a personalised approach to help you achieve your investment goals. We understand that investing is not a one-size-fits-all endeavour, and we are here to tailor our services and products to your specific needs and preferences.

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Our investment philosophy

Getting started is an important step, and we want to ensure that we have a deep understanding of where you stand when it comes to investing. We consider four foundational aspects.

Income Investing

Income investing

Income investing is a strategy focused on generating a reliable and steady stream of passive income. Investors pursuing this style often choose assets such as dividend-paying stocks, real estate investment trusts (REITs), and high-yield bonds. The primary goal is to accumulate regular cash flow from these investments, providing a consistent source of income. This approach appeals to those seeking financial stability and regular returns, making it a popular choice for retirees or anyone looking to supplement their income through strategic investment choices.

Capital growth

Capital growth investing is a strategy centered on increasing the value of an investment portfolio over time. Investors pursuing this style typically allocate funds to assets with the potential for substantial appreciation in value, such as growth stocks or emerging market opportunities. The focus is on long-term capital appreciation, with the goal of building wealth and achieving significant returns.

While capital growth investing involves a higher level of risk, it appeals to those with a longer investment horizon and a willingness to withstand market fluctuations in pursuit of higher overall portfolio value over time.

Capital security

Capital security investing prioritises the preservation of invested capital and minimising the risk of loss. Investors adopting this strategy tend to allocate funds to low-risk assets such as government bonds, high-quality corporate bonds, or other stable securities. The primary objective is to safeguard the initial investment, even if it means accepting lower returns compared to riskier investments.

Capital security is particularly attractive to conservative investors or those nearing retirement who prioritise protecting their wealth and are more risk-averse. This approach provides a sense of financial stability and security, albeit with potentially lower returns compared to higher-risk investment strategies.

Risk / return

Risk/return investing involves a balanced approach to investment strategy, carefully weighing potential risks against anticipated returns. Investors pursuing this style seek to enhance their portfolio performance by selecting a mix of assets that align with their risk tolerance and financial goals. This strategy acknowledges that higher potential returns often come with increased risk and vice versa.

Balancing the risk-return profile allows investors to tailor their portfolios to match their individual preferences, whether they are comfortable with more volatility in pursuit of higher returns or prefer a more conservative approach with lower risk and stable, albeit potentially more modest, returns. This versatile strategy enables investors to align their portfolios with their specific risk preferences and financial objectives.

Our Services

Buy & Sell Shares

Gain access to shares listed on the ASX and selected global exchanges as well as personalised investment advice. Whether you're an experienced professional investor or a novice investor finding your way in the market, Morgans Port Macquarie can help. As a full service stockbroker, we pride ourselves on offering smart, personalised investment advice that is tailored to your investment style and objectives.

Our advisers are supported by an award-winning research team, as well as a leading corporate finance team that regularly provides clients with exclusive investment opportunities.

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Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's)

Morgans offers a comprehensive wealth management approach, focusing on defining your investment goals, tailoring financial solutions, and leveraging excess cashflow to grow your assets and wealth. With retirement planning as a key component, our experienced advisers guide you through the wealth management planning process, implementing strategies that encompass tax savings, risk minimisation, diversification, and asset accumulation for long-term financial security.

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ESG Investing

Our Wealth+ managed portfolio service streamlines your investment journey by taking care of comprehensive investment administration tasks. With a dedicated point of contact, proactive portfolio management, transparent reporting, and tax assistance, Wealth+ simplifies the complexity of portfolio administration, allowing you to maintain control over your investment decisions while benefiting from professional administration.

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IPO's & Share Offers

Morgans provides an extensive range of fixed interest products and services; including income-focused share portfolios and cash management accounts with attractive interest rates, term deposits, foreign currency term deposits, flexible/structured term deposits, listed debt and hybrid investments, as well as government and corporate bonds.

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Fixed Interest

We recognise the significance of constructing investment portfolios that not only maximise returns but also embrace ethical principles and ESG considerations. Our knowledgeable advisers can guide you in evaluating your investment portfolio from an ethical perspective, aligning your investments with your personal values across ESG issues.

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Options and Warrants

We recognise the significance of constructing investment portfolios that not only maximise returns but also embrace ethical principles and ESG considerations. Our knowledgeable advisers can guide you in evaluating your investment portfolio from an ethical perspective, aligning your investments with your personal values across ESG issues.

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Margin Lending

We recognise the significance of constructing investment portfolios that not only maximise returns but also embrace ethical principles and ESG considerations. Our knowledgeable advisers can guide you in evaluating your investment portfolio from an ethical perspective, aligning your investments with your personal values across ESG issues.

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News & Insights

Investment Watch is a flagship product that brings together our analysts' view of economic and investment strategy themes, sector outlooks and best stock ideas for our clients.

Investment Watch is a quarterly publication produced by Morgans that delves into key insights for equity and economic strategy. This latest publication will cover;

  • Asset Allocation – not the time to play defence
  • Economic Strategy – averting a world recession
  • Equity Strategy – attention turns to August
  • Resources & Energy – domestic gas coming to the boil
  • Banks – befuddling
  • Updated Morgans Best Ideas

Morgans clients receive exclusive insights such as access to our latest Investment Watch publication. Download the preview now.

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We think the investment landscape remains favourable. The US economic fundamentals are strong with no significant downside risks to growth in the near-term. European leading indicators suggest a turning point is near and China’s cyclical recovery is still gaining momentum after bottoming earlier in the year.

Meanwhile, the Australian economy continues to defy expectations of a sharper slowdown. In our view, this is not the time to play defence and continue to expect growth assets such as equities and property to do well. This quarter, we look at tactical opportunities in private credit, global equities and across the Australian equity market (resources, agriculture, travel and technology).

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Our best ideas are those that we think offer the highest risk-adjusted returns over a 12-month timeframe supported by a higher-than-average level of confidence. They are our most preferred sector exposures.

As interest rates normalise, earnings quality, market positioning and balance sheet strength will play an important role in distinguishing companies from their peers. We think stocks will continue to diverge in performance at the market and sector level, and investors need to take a more active approach than usual to manage portfolios.

Additions: This month we add Elders.

July best ideas

Elders (ELD)

Small cap | Food/Ag

ELD is one of Australia’s leading agribusinesses. It has an iconic brand, 185 years of history and a national distribution network throughout Australia. With the outlook for FY25 looking more positive and many growth projects in place to drive strong earnings growth over the next few years, ELD is a key pick for us. It is also trading on undemanding multiples and offers an attractive dividend yield.

Technology One (TNE)

Small cap | Technology

TNE is an Enterprise Resource Planning (aka Accounting) company. It’s one of the highest quality companies on the ASX with an impressive ROE, nearly $200m of net cash and a 30-year history of growing its earnings by ~15% and its dividend ~10% per annum. As a result of its impeccable track record TNE trades on high PE. With earnings growth looking likely to accelerate towards 20% pa, we think TNE’s trading multiple is likely to expand from here.

ALS Limited

Small cap | Industrials

ALQ is the dominant global leader in geochemistry testing (>50% market share), which is highly cash generative and has little chance of being competed away. Looking forward, ALQ looks poised to benefit from margin recovery in Life Sciences, as well as a cyclical volume recovery in Commodities (exploration). Timing around the latter is less certain, though our analysis suggests this may not be too far away (3-12 months). All the while, gold and copper prices - the key lead indicators for exploration - are gathering pace.

Clearview Wealth

Small cap | Financial Services

CVW is a challenger brand in the Australian retail life insurance market (market size = ~A$10bn of in-force premiums). CVW sees its key points of differentiation as its: 1) reliable/trusted brand; 2) operational excellence (in product development, underwriting and claims management); and 3) diversified distributing network. CVW's significant multiyear Business Transformation Program has, in our view, shown clear signs of driving improved growth and profitability in recent years. We expect further benefits to flow from this program in the near term, and we see CVW's FY26 key business targets as achievable. With a robust balance sheet, and with our expectations for ~21% EPS CAGR over the next three years, we see CVW's current ~11x FY25F PE multiple as undemanding.

GUD Holdings

Large cap | Consumer Discretionary

GUD is a high-quality business with an entrenched market position in its core operations and deep growth opportunities in new markets. We view GUD’s investment case as compelling, a robust earnings base of predominantly non-discretionary products, structural industry tailwinds supporting organic growth and ongoing accretive M&A optionality. We view the ~12x multiple as undemanding given the resilient earnings and long-duration growth outlook for the business ahead.

Stanmore Resources

Small cap | Metals & Mining

SMR’s assets offer long-life cashflow leverage at solid margins to the resilient outlook for steelmaking coal prices. We’re strong believers that physical coal markets will see future cycles of “super-pricing” well above consensus expectations, supporting further periods of elevated cash flows and shareholder returns. We like SMR’s ability to pay sustainable dividends and its inventory of organic growth options into the medium term, with meaningful synergies, and which look under-recognised by the market. We see SMR as the default ASX-listed producer for pure met coal exposure. We maintain an Add and see compelling value with SMR trading at less than 0.8x P/NPV.

Morgans clients receive full access of the Best Ideas, including our large, mid and small-cap key stock picks.

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There are many reasons to invest in equities. Historically, they have offered higher capital returns than many other asset classes. Furthermore, they provide liquidity and diversification and allow investors to participate in the growth of high performing businesses and sectors.

There are many reasons to invest in equities. Historically, they have offered higher capital returns than many other asset classes. Furthermore, they provide liquidity and diversification and allow investors to participate in the growth of high performing businesses and sectors. Not to be overlooked, however, is their capacity to provide an income stream through regular dividends. In the Month Ahead for July, we highlight a selection of Australian equities that offer superior forecast dividend yields and may be suitable investments for those seeking income.

Happy New Financial Year!

BHP Group (BHP)

BHP Group (ASX: BHP) is the largest diversified mining company in the world. BHP has extensive iron ore, copper, nickel and coal operations, and will soon add potash to its portfolio once its massive Jansen project comes online in late 2026. Besides nickel, which has proven volatile, the rest of BHP’s basket of market exposures share the similar characteristic of typically boasting bumper margins throughout the cycle. Over the last decade BHP has shifted its corporate strategy toward streamlining its business, protecting its balance sheet, slowing its pace of investment and maximising shareholder returns. Despite an impressive shareholder performance over recent years, BHP’s dividend yield has remained above market.

BHP coverage report

Dalrymple Bay Infrastructure (DBI)

Dalrymple Bay Infrastructure (ASX: DBI). DBI owns a fully contracted coal export terminal in central Qld. It has strong revenue and cost risk mitigants, CPI-linked base revenues boosted by incremental revenues from commissioned sustaining capex projects, very high EBITDA margins, and an investment grade credit profile. Investors comfortable with the coal-related exposure also benefit from the ESG discount imputed into the stock price.

DBI coverage report

Ventia Services Group (VNT)

Ventia Services Group (ASX: VNT) delivers essential services predominantly to government (c.75% of revenue), with an average contract tenure of c.5-7 years and direct inflation passthrough (95% of revenue) in most contracts. The industry grows at 6-7% pa, with VNT growing 7-10% through industry growth and contract expansion, whilst margins should remain stable. The stock continues to deliver a strong dividend yield, which we expect to continue growing at mid-single digits, whilst trading on an undemanding low double-digit PER.

VNT coverage report

Eagers Automotive (APE)

Eagers Automotive Limited (ASX: APE) is the leading automotive retail group in Australia and New Zealand, operating for over 100 years and representing a diverse portfolio of OEM (original equipment manufacturer) brands. While current industry dynamics in the auto sector (margin pressure; cost of living impacts) are expected to persist in the near-term, we view the scale operators (such as APE) as best placed to navigate this challenging dynamic. Longer-term, we are positive on APE’s various strategic initiatives and expect it can continue to scale; and sustain a structurally higher return on sales through the cycle.

APE research report

GQG Partners (GQG)

GQG Partners (ASX: GQG) is global asset management boutique, managing ~US$150bn in funds across four primary equity strategies. We like GQG given its highly effective distribution, scalable strategies, and strong long-term investment performance. We view the earnings tailwind from strong funds under management growth (a combination of investment performance and net fund inflows) will continue and we think GQG will continue to re-rate along with this to a higher earnings multiple in time.

GQG research report

HomeCo Daily Needs REIT (HDN)

HomeCo Daily Needs REIT (ASX: HDN) has a +$4.5bn real estate portfolio focused on daily needs retail (Large Format Retail; Neighbourhood; and Health Services) across +50 properties with the top five tenants being Woolworths, Coles, JB Hi-Fi, Bunnings and Spotlight. Most of leases are fixed. The portfolio has resilient cashflows, with the majority of tenants being national. Sites are in strategic locations with strong population growth. HDN offers an attractive distribution yield, with a +$600m development pipeline providing further growth.

HDN research report

IPH Limited (IPH)

IPH Limited (ASX: IPH) is a prominent IP services group with market leading shares in Australia, Singapore and Canada. A defensive business, IPH has strong cash flow generation (with high conversion to EBITDA) and a long-track record of paying dividends to shareholders. We like IPH and consider the return to organic growth (albeit subdued) as a key near-term catalyst for the group. Longer-term, we expect IPH to continue to prosecute its consolidation and network expansion strategy offshore.

IPH research report

Suncorp (SUN)

Suncorp (ASX: SUN) is well positioned to benefit from continued strong price increases going through the home and motor insurance market in Australia, we expect these price increases to be supportive of SUN’s margins expanding further over the next couple of years. Additionally SUN’s recent divestment of its bank was done at an excellent price and will allow the company to focus completely on its strongest business, general insurance, where it is a market leader.  Finally, post the bank sale, SUN now has >A$4bn of excess capital to return to shareholders, which will occur most likely via the way of a share consolidation and a small special dividend.

SUN research report

Super Retail Group (SUL)

Super Retail Group (ASX: SUL) is a large discretionary retailer comprising four well-known brands which span several categories, including: Supercheap Auto; rebel Sport; Boating, Camping and Fishing (BCF), and Macpac. We like SUL given its market leading scale (>740 stores), deep data capabilities, strong loyalty base and diversified portfolio of brands. SUL has a very strong net cash balance sheet, and we expect it is positioned for further capital management initiatives in the near-term (i.e. potential special dividends).

SUL research report

Woodside Energy (WDS)

Woodside Energy (ASX: WDS) is the largest ASX-listed oil and gas producer, and in the top 10 globally. While its share price has come under pressure, Woodside’s fundamentals have benefited from resilient oil/LNG prices, steady group production, progress on delivering its key growth projects, a robust level of profitability, and clear focus on its dividend profile. Woodside’s dividend payout ratio has averaged 80% of earnings for the last +5 years, which is impressive given the last 2 years have been a capex-heavy phase as its progressed construction of the Scarborough, Pluto Train 2, and Sangomar projects. With gearing remaining low and cash flow set to grow post the current investment phase, we see Woodside as likely to remain an attractive yield play.

WDS research report

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