Security and Scams

Your account's safety is our priority. Discover steps to take if you've encountered fraud or scams, explore our security efforts and uncover ways to shield yourself from scams and cyber threats.

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How to protect yourself from investment scams

Learn the tell-tale signs of investment scams and protect your wealth. Vigilance is key to safeguarding your assets. Scrutinise offers, conduct thorough research and remain cautious when reviewing unsolicited offers. Call your Morgans adviser to assist.

Cyber security is our priority

Here at Morgans, safeguarding your wealth is our top priority. Discover our rigorous safety protocols covered in our Vulnerability Disclosure policy.

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ASIC scam alert

Scammers are changing the way they impersonate financial services businesses in sophisticated bond and term deposit scams.

ASIC is alerting consumers to new ways scammers are offering fake bond and term deposit scams. Scammers are increasingly impersonating legitimate financial services businesses which often don’t have a website or digital footprint. The scammers are also creating fake reviews.

Latest fraud and scam alerts

To appear as a genuine Morgans offer, scammers are using lookalike Morgans domains to publish websites and communicate through email.
Please remember that our Morgans website domain will always be and emails from Morgans will always be sent from

Illegitimate Website Examples

Illegitimate client application

This is an example of a fake website with a fake client application. Indications of illegitimacy can be detected via the URL and the online onboarding process. All communication for onboarding at Morgans is completed with your dedicated adviser.

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Illegitimate bonds brochure

Investers should remain vigilant, recognising red flags such as unrealistic returns, lack of regulatory oversight and pressure tactics. It's crucial to only communicate to your trusted adviser and seek advice from them before considering any investment opportunity.

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