Portfolio Administration

Portfolio administration involves systematic management for optimal performance. Our service includes record-keeping, risk management, and compliance, ensuring efficient handling of investments.

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Make your money work, without the paperwork



Efficient investment management necessitates constant oversight, quick strategy adaptation, and up-to-date information. Yet, many investors lack time or interest in portfolio administration. Enter our Wealth+ managed portfolio service - simplifying investing by handling comprehensive administration tasks. We collect and record investment details, providing regular reports for effortless monitoring. This streamlines the process, freeing up your time to focus on strategic decisions with your Morgans adviser.

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Your Morgans Adviser conducts a thorough assessment of your holdings, asset allocation, and portfolio performance in line with your strategies and objectives. Transparency drives the provision of tailored investment advice, accessible through online tools and a quarterly client review pack. Simplify tax time with our comprehensive end-of-financial year reporting.

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Benefits of Wealth+

Experience proactive portfolio management with a single point of contact for streamlined investment needs. Our services reduce paperwork, offer transparent reporting, and facilitate hassle-free tax returns. We determine the correct tax treatment for complex investment scenarios and provide timely information on capital raisings. With potential tax-deductible Wealth+ fees, enjoy seamless portfolio administration tailored to your financial success.

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Access to special offers

Wealth+ clients access exclusive opportunities from our corporate finance, fixed interest, and funds management teams. Enjoy offerings like pre-IPO capital, IPOs, equity placements, and more. Benefit from financial planning expertise in areas like superannuation, taxation planning, retirement planning, estate planning, and wealth protection.

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Make your money work without the paperwork