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Andrew Fairley

Andrew Fairley

Authorised representative number: 000259112


I filter the white noise and provide you with objectivity and guidance to help you make meaningful decisions.
Andrew entered the industry in 1997, firstly with BZW and then ABN AMRO and after three years of training on the operations side, was transferred to London in 2000 for a brief period. In 2002 he was appointed to the position of SEATS operator which he held for one year before moving to his current position of investment adviser.

Investment Style

Andrew specialises in advising and developing short and long-term portfolios for individuals.

Services and Specialties

Portfolio Administration
Superannuation Advice
Margin Lending and Gearing Strategies
Fixed Interest and Cash Management
Wealth Management

Qualifications and Professional Affiliations

924 Superannuation & Skills
Diploma in Financial Markets
Ethics and Professional Relationships
Margin Lending Accreditation Program
SDIA Accreditation Program


Member of Stockbrokers and Investment Advisers Association (MeSIAA)


Managed Investments
Margin Lending
I am employed by Morgans Sydney Pty Limited which operates the business of Morgans Financial Limited - Sydney - Margaret Street. My employer remunerates me by way of salary and percentage of fees. As a shareholder of Morgans Sydney Pty Limited, I may be entitled to a share of profits. I am eligible to participate in a bonus scheme depending upon performance.
Any advice in this email is GENERAL in nature and no consideration has been given to your personal needs, objectives or circumstances. You should consider if this advice is appropriate for you.