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Brent Plasier

Brent Plasier

Authorised representative number: 001005237

Senior Private Client Adviser

I provide customised investment advice for individuals and small to medium businesses to help them achieve their unique financial goals.
Brent is equipped with 20 years experience in the financial services industry including 16 years at Australia's largest investment bank providing personalised investment advice prior to moving to Morgans Noosa. Brent works with clients as a private portfolio manager, taking into account client's financial goals whilst providing a disciplined approach to investing in order to assist in achieving these goals.

Investment Style

Brent is committed to matching investment strategies and needs to ensure clients receive appropriate advice that helps his clients achieve their financial objectives.

Services and Specialties

Portfolio Administration
Self-Managed Super Funds
Fixed Interest and Cash Management
Margin Lending and Gearing Strategies

Qualifications and Professional Affiliations

Bachelor of Business (Banking & Finance)
FASEA Financial Adviser Exam
Diploma of Financial Planning
Margin Lending and Geared Investments


Member of Stockbrokers and Investment Advisers Association (MeSIAA)


Margin Lending
Derivatives Level 1
Managed Investments
Derivatives Level 2
Financial Planning
I am employed by BRANBO PTY LTD which operates the business of Morgans Financial Limited - Noosa. My employer remunerates me by way of salary and percentage of fees. As a shareholder of BRANBO PTY LTD, I may be entitled to a share of profits. As a Director of BRANBO PTY LTD, I will be entitled to a share of profits.