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Simon Bond

Simon Bond

Authorised representative number: 000259423

Senior Adviser - Morgans Wholesale Services

Simon looks to filter through all the research and noise that wholesale and sophisticated investors are now bombarded with and identify the real opportunities using his years of experience and a common sense approach.
Simon has been actively involved in all aspects of stockbroking since 1987, following experience at the Australian Stock Exchange in Sydney.

Investment Style

Simon's areas of expertise include equities, portfolio management, short-term trading, long-term strategies, derivatives and fixed interest. His focus is on how technology is changing the investment landscape and he has a focus on demographic trends and how they can influence equity markets.

Services and Specialties

Wealth Management
Portfolio Administration
Fixed Interest and Cash Management

Qualifications and Professional Affiliations

Certificate in Financial Markets


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Managed Investments
I am employed by Morgans Holdings (Australia) Limited which operates the business of Morgans Financial Limited - Melbourne. My employer remunerates me by way of salary and percentage of fees.