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Morgans Foundation

The Morgans Foundation has been dedicated to supporting Australian charities since its establishment in 2005, and we are immensely proud of the impact we've been able to make. With over $17 million donated to various causes, our commitment to giving back remains steadfast. Initiatives like Big Dry Friday, launched in 2018 and raising over $6m, connects city and country and provides financial assistance where it's needed most. We deeply value the involvement of our staff, whose contributions are matched by the Foundation, amplifying the reach of our support. We recognise the ongoing need for sustained support and the importance of collective efforts in creating positive change across Australia.

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We also support

Award-winning research

 The Girls & Boys Brigade

For over 135 years, The Girls & Boys Brigade has provided a welcoming place for children and youth who need a helping hand. They are dedicated to providing quality education, recreation, life skills activities and a holistic family support service. Their consistent and practical approach helps strengthen families and the enrolled children and youth become better equipped to deal positively with life's challenges.


KYDS help young people understand, and manage, difficult issues in their lives. They do this by providing easily accessed, personalised counselling and mental health support services, family counselling, and early intervention well-being workshops and information events.

KYDS ensure issues such as grief, loss, family break ups, friendship problems, school and study stress, addictions, risky behaviour, anger, bullying, anxiety, depression, alcohol and drug use, body image concerns, mental health concerns, self harm and suicidal thoughts do not overwhelm young people.