In the fiscal year 2023 (FY23), Nufarm (ASX:NUF) faced a slight decline in EBITDA, acknowledging the challenge of comping two remarkable years. Despite this, the company outperformed its peers, with Seed Technologies emerging as a standout, while the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region fell short of expectations. Notably, Nufarm reported a cash outflow that surpassed expectations, resulting in a favourable adjustment of its gearing metrics back into its target range.

FY24 Projections Amidst Ongoing Challenges

Looking ahead, the company anticipates persisting challenging operating conditions in the first half of FY24. Modest EBITDA growth at best is expected for the fiscal year, with a subdued first half followed by a potential upswing in the second half. However, there is a projection of a decline in Net Profit After Tax (NPAT). Forecasts have been revised, but the likelihood of further downgrades to consensus estimates remains a concern.

Earnings Growth Prospects in FY25/26

Aligning with its FY26 revenue aspirations, Nufarm anticipates a surge in earnings growth in FY25/26. This trajectory suggests a recovery and acceleration in performance beyond the challenges faced in FY24.

Investment Outlook

Given the prevailing uncertainty in near-term earnings, our rating for Nufarm remains at "Hold." However, it's essential to acknowledge the potential for substantial upside if the company successfully attains its FY26 targets.

In conclusion, Nufarm's FY23 performance, though marred by a slight EBITDA dip, showcases resilience in comparison to industry peers. The company's strategic focus on Seed Technologies and the resilience in the face of challenging conditions position it for potential growth in the coming years. Investors should closely monitor developments, particularly the execution of FY26 targets, which could significantly impact the investment landscape.

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