Company Research Report

Clients can subscribe to company research reports, which are generally 7-10 pages in length and include:

  • Company overview
  • Outperform/Underperform/Neutral recommendation
  • Share price volatility rating
  • Target Price (12 month)
  • Detailed analyst commentary regarding company and related factors impacting historical and forecast performance
  • Detailed quantitative analysis
  • Detailed financial modelling including independent forecasts and valuation details


As a client you can subscribe to any of the company reports you are interested in. Please sign in to update your subscriptions. 

Clients can also request historical research reports by emailing [email protected]

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If you are an existing Morgans client, please contact your adviser to register or fill out the registration form, currently accessible via our client website.

If you are not a Morgans client, you are welcome to start a two-week trial of our online platform, which provides access to detailed market analysis and insights, provided by our award-winning research team

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Our online facilities are provided free to our clients. If you are not a Morgans client, and you would like to talk to a Morgans adviser about opening an account, please contact us.

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