In recent years, there has been a significant shift in societal norms and gender dynamics, leading to a decline in the dependence of women on male partners for financial support. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that many women still find themselves relying on their male partners for financial assistance. This dependence can arise due to various factors such as cultural norms, societal expectations, and limited opportunities for women to fully participate in the workforce and achieve financial independence.

One of the primary reasons for this situation is deeply ingrained cultural norms, which have defined gender roles for centuries. In many societies, men are expected to be the primary breadwinners, while women are often encouraged to prioritise family and home responsibilities. These traditional gender roles can make it challenging for women to pursue lucrative careers or secure high-paying jobs. Consequently, they may rely on their male partners for financial support.

Societal expectations can also contribute to women's dependence on male partners. From an early age, girls are often conditioned to believe that finding a suitable partner and settling down is an important life goal. This mindset can overshadow their ambition for personal and financial success. Consequently, some women prioritise finding a partner who can provide financial stability over pursuing their own professional development or educational opportunities.

Moreover, limited opportunities and systemic barriers play a significant role in perpetuating the financial dependence of women on their male partners. Women still face gender discrimination in the workplace, including unequal pay, limited career advancement opportunities, and a lack of support for work-life balance. These challenges can make it difficult for women to achieve financial independence and can inadvertently reinforce their reliance on male partners.

However, it is essential to emphasise that these societal norms and expectations are gradually evolving. Women are increasingly challenging these gender roles, advocating for their rights, and striving for financial independence. The rise of feminism and the empowerment of women have paved the way for greater opportunities and equality in various aspects of life.

To combat this dependence, it is crucial to focus on policies and initiatives that promote gender equality and provide equal opportunities for women. Governments, organisations, and communities can work together to implement measures such as promoting affordable childcare, fostering supportive and inclusive workplace environments, and offering educational and training programs specifically designed to empower women economically.

Ultimately, breaking free from the dependence on male partners financially is a complex task that requires both individual and systemic changes. It necessitates challenging societal norms and expectations while also providing women with equal access to education, job opportunities, and financial resources. By doing so, we can help create a world where women can achieve true independence and autonomy, both personally and as a whole.

Kylie Harding is an Investment Adviser who believes in free access to information about building financial literacy at every stage in life has the potential to empower women and inspire economies.

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In recent years, there has been a significant shift in societal norms and gender dynamics, leading to a decline in the dependence of women on male partners for financial support.
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