Your Wealth is a half-yearly publication produced by Morgans that delves into key insights for Wealth Management. This latest publication will cover;

  • Why it is important to have a strategic asset allocation framework for your investment portfolio particularly when investing over the long term
  • Unpacking the Government's proposal to apply an additional tax on earnings where a person holds more than $3 million in total superannuation
  • When is a lump sum withdrawal a member benefit or a death benefit?
  • Why the RBA will need to raise interest rates further
  • Big Dry Friday 2023; A day to connect city and country, providing support where it's needed most

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Feature Article | Understanding asset allocation

Strategic asset allocation (SAA) provides a framework within which investors can target an expected return for a given level of risk. It is one of the most important but overlooked aspects of wealth management. Here we detail how Morgans tailors its systematic approach to suit investors’ objectives versus risk tolerance.

Why is SAA important?

Strategic asset allocation ranks among the most crucial investment decisions as studies show that it accounts for up to 90% of long-term investing returns. That is, the distribution of investments across the asset classes explains most long-term returns, outweighing the impact of decisions made within each asset class such as stock selection

Understanding returns

Below, a matrix of Annual Asset Class Returns highlights the annual variability in returns per asset class. No single asset class will outperform another over the full course of an economic cycle. Each offers its benefits and risks depending on the prevailing economic conditions. It follows that investors should not stay concentrated within any one asset class over the course of an economic cycle.

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