Invest for income

Morgans offers an extensive range of fixed interest products and services to help you achieve your investment objectives.

Your adviser will help you incorporate fixed interest into your broader wealth management strategy. Services available:

Income-focused share portfolios

We specialise in building dedicated income-focused portfolios for investors. Please contact your local Morgans office or ask your adviser how you can improve your income today.

Cash management accounts

We offer a range of at-call cash facilities paying attractive interest rates. Our preferred products provide you with direct bank deposits in your name with some of Australia's best known banks, all with "at-call" convenience, which means you can readily access your money.

These accounts can be linked directly to your share trading account for easy settlement. You can also have your dividend and interest payments credited directly to the account and make regular payments from it. 

Your adviser can handle all the paper work as well as ongoing transactional instructions, freeing you of the administrative burden.

Cash management account

Term deposits

A term deposit is a deposit held at a financial institution that has a fixed term, generally paying a higher interest rate than an "at-call" account. You can use a term deposit to enhance the returns on surplus cash balances and as the foundation for building a dedicated income portfolio.

Morgans has preferential relationships with a host of leading banks and other Authorised Deposit taking Institutions (ADIs). Funds can be swept from your "at-call" account and invested for the term and interest rate that best suits your needs.

Foreign currency term deposits

A foreign currency term deposit is a foreign denomination held at a financial institution that has a fixed term. Rates offered are very attractive on deposit amounts of AUD100,000 or greater.

Flexible/structured term deposits

Flexible term deposits offer the ability to combine both floating and fixed interest rate payments within a single deposit. This allows investors to structure interest payments based on their view of future interest rate levels. Morgans offers these products on deposit amounts of $100,000 or greater.

Listed debt and hybrid investments

As a major participant in the Australian listed fixed interest securities market, we can offer you advice as well as a range of new investment opportunities from a range of Australia's largest banks and industrial companies.

Listed debt and hybrid investments deliver higher levels of income, paid regularly; some also offer the benefits of franking. Your adviser can build a tailored income portfolio for you, which unlike managed fund alternatives, can be constructed to take into account your specific objectives and risk profile.

Learn more about listed fixed interest

Government and corporate bonds

We offer a comprehensive Government bond investment service, including custody facilities. Bonds improve portfolio diversification and help reduce portfolio risk while providing stable income.

The yields on Government bonds will generally be lower than most other interest rate investments but provide absolute security when held to maturity.

Learn about exchange-traded government bonds

Exchange-traded Australian Government bonds

Investors are now able to access exchange traded government bonds on the ASX. These instruments afford investors with all the economic benefits of owning an Australian Government Bond (AGB).

Diversified fixed interest portfolio

More information

Fixed Interest BrochureYou can find more detail on fixed interest products within our dedicated Fixed Interest brochure.

If you would like more information, please contact your adviser or nearest Morgans office. 

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